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Thriving Women

Thriving World


A watercolor storytelling project featuring real women who have touched my life


Irene Matye:

Open My Heart

a Little more

I got to know Irene when she came to attend my art classes. I was instantly taken by her ageless beauty, genuine care, and the most generous heart.


Chelsea Pharie:

Art is My SuperPower

At age 10, Chelsea started a charity to provide art supplies for underprivileged kids. During the pandemic, she has sent out thousands of art supply kits to children in foster care and homeless shelters.


Delphine Geraci:

Three Thousand Pairs of Wings

My friend Delphine was one of the first people in my local community to make masks voluntarily when they were in great scarcity. To date she has handmade thousands of beautiful masks!

Elephant girl low res.jpg

Tiassa Samayian Mutunkei:

I'm with You.

Tiassa Samayian Mutunkei is a courageous girl living in Kenya. A teenager who calls herself the “Wildlife Warrior”, Tiassa started the movement Teens4Wildlife, empowering African teens for change.

Rita lowres.jpg

Rita Cobbs:

Grandmother of the Community

In her later 70s, Rita is active in building community. Like grandmothers would do, Rita gently and firmly nurtures not only my personal growth, but also the community's well being.

Thriving Women Raka lowres.jpg

Raka Bandyo:

The Journey Within

While balancing a part-time career in IT, Raka is devoted to the ancient Vedic Arts such as Indian Classical Dance and Ayurveda. It is not an easy pursuit but she is courageously taking this journey within.

Jane Robinson.jpg

Jane Robinson:

The Guiding Star

Jane is my dearest mentor and role model. Jane has shaped my life in so many ways. To me, she is a true leader of both great kindness and great strength.

Chen Shu3.jpg

Chen Shu:

Strength of Life

Chen Shu is my beloved collaborator when we created empowering art projects with migrant workers in Beijing, China. Petite and sweet, Chen Shu has a fierce spirit and tremendous power when it comes to pursuing social justice.

Colleena Shakti.JPG

Colleena Shakti:

Artist of Life

This painting is my humble effort to convey the beautiful spirit of my beloved dance teacher and internationally renowned artist Colleena Shakti, who has inspired me for many years.


Hazel Soan

I was beyond thrilled when Hazel Soan, the world renowned watercolor artist agreed to be in this series.  Hazel is a true inspiration to me. Her watercolor exudes passion for life and nature. I have learned so much from her many books and videos. 

Fariba painting.jpg


Fariba is a great friend of mine. Originally from Iran, Fariba is a retired nurse living with her husband, two wonderful sons, and one super smart cat in Florida. She is the most gentle soul I've ever met.

Thriving Women_Sisterhood.JPG

Jenny: Sisterhood

Jenny Hennek and her dance sisters from Chicago. Jenny is a very inspiring belly dance artist, yoga teacher, and life coach. She radiates light of love, literally, and she helps me be more fully in who I truly am.



Watching it Grow

Vanda Rice is one of the kindest people I’ve met, a community leader and advocate for social justice. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with her on several empowerment theater projects in her beloved Appalachian community. 


Andrea: Joy Ride

Andrea Zang, a graduate student studying urban planning at Florida State University. I met Andrea at the Building Creative Communities Conference. I was very touched by Andrea's story and her courage and perseverance.  

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