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Art of Flow:

Relax, Connect, Create

I offer the Art of Flow sessions for diverse groups. This unique experience integrates watercolor, storytelling, gentle movement, and mindfulness practices to help participants relax, connect, create beautiful art, and tune into the greater flow of life. Whether you want to have a memorable experience with family and friends, or you want your team to collaborate with greater cohesion, this will be an amazing experience for you. 

The Vibe

Relaxed, fun, heartfelt, and NO prior art experience required!

The Methodology

Based on my doctoral research on arts and human/community development, and years of working with world-class scientists and artists, as well as thousands of people from diverse communities.

My Expertise

I host art workshops and projects nationwide and internationally, working with universities and organizations including MIT, Southern California Public Radio, etc., and in places like Seattle, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, Beijing, Shanghai and so many more.

True Stories

Read about how people experience Art of Flow here


Participant Testimonials

"Qinghong lights the room with a presence that holds strength, vision and quality. Within her is a tool kit that can bring any group alive and moving forward toward the direction of their dreams."

-- Kate Thompson, Board Member, Health Enriched by the Arts

"A beautiful experience. Invigorating, provoking creativity and insights about who I am and who we are as humans. I hope that many people will take part in the Art of Flow with gentle, wise Qinghong."

- Robertson Work, former Policy Adviser for United Nations Development Programme

"Qinghong is so kind and has a beautiful soul that exudes love. Her watercolor painting was therapy for my soul."

- Cathy Zimmerman, Co-Affiliate Leader Helping Parents Heal Tampa

Tampa, Florida

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