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I am both an artist and educator. I've had the privilege to study how arts impact people and community in my doctoral research. I've also worked closely with some of the best artists in the world.


I love sharing my skills and knowledge with the community. I teach both locally and online, and take great care in creating every class. The goals for my classes are:

  • A fun, relaxed, authentic and educational space that welcomes everybody and support you to discover and express the inner artists who you truly are.

  • Nurture the community of authenticity, courage and love.

In addition to watercolor classes, I host Art of Flow group events for private groups, organizations, and businesses. It's an amazing way for you to relax, connect, and create beauty and joy with people you care.

Join my watercolor workshops, classes and free events in the beautiful coastal city, Tampa, Florida

Join my online class series "Watercolor from the Heart", learn at your own pace, and be part of the online community

Student Testimonial

"Qinghong's work is full of magic. Her style of teaching is delightful, playing to each person's strength. Taking her class is a positive experience I highly recommend!"

-- Lexi Kara.

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