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Watercolor Supplies


Recommended Watercolor Supplies

For intermediate watercolor artists who are ready to invest more and upgrade supplies, here are my recommendations:

1. Watercolor Brushes. 

2. Watercolor Paint Tubes.

3. Watercolor paper

4. Recommended watercolor textbook


If you are new to watercolor, welcome to this wonder world! Here I want to share some of my suggestions for watercolor painting supplies to help you get started. I also include recommendations for those of you who are ready to invest more and upgrade your supplies.

My philosophy for art supplies is to go for the best products your budget allows, but don’t sweat it if you are not using the most expensive ones. After all, it is your heart where beauty is truly created. :)

Below is a list of supplies I recommended for beginning watercolor artists to paint in the loose and vibrant style. Also be sure to check out this video on how I set up for watercolor painting.

1. Watercolor Brushes. To paint loosely, I use a lot water to get in the flow. The sable brushes can hold a lot water and works great for this purpose. As such brushes are normally pricey, I've found a great affordable alternative: Chinese calligraphy brushes. They hold lots of water and the tip comes to a sharp point, making them very versatile. (They tend to shed hair a little which is normal.)

2. Watercolor Paint Tubes. I use paints in tubes instead of pans because I can apply the paints in so many different ways in the painting process.


3. Watercolor Paper


4. Palette

As you can see from the photo above, I actually use a large white porcelain dinner plate. I arrange paints on the plate according to the color wheel and it's fabulous! So just raid your kitchen and get the plate! Make sure it’s clean and oil-free.


5. Water containers

Two clear containers, glass jars preferred. I use one container to rinse the brush, and keep the other clean so I can paint with clear water all the time.


6. Recommended watercolor textbook

The Essence of Watercolour by Hazel Soan.

10-Minute Watercolours, by Hazel Soan. (Get the Kindle version because the hard copy is very small.)

Paint Yourself Calm, by Jean Haines

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