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Chen Shu:
Strength of Life

Chen Shu is my beloved collaborator when we worked together to create empowering art projects with migrant workers in Beijing. Petite and sweet, Chen Shu has a fierce spirit and tremendous power when it comes to pursuing social justice. For more than 7 years, Chen Shu has worked with a nonprofit organization in China to bring life changing social services for migrant worker families.
Chen Shu3.jpg

It is challenging to provide social services to migrant workers, socially, mentally, and financially. But Chen Shu has kept an optimistic spirit and focuses on what can be done. I remember as we worked together, the circumstance was extremely hard, but we would wipe off tears for each other, carry on, and ignite the fire for many more. Meaningful changes happen when we devote and persevere.

Q & As between Chen Shu and Me

1. What brings you great joy?

Chen Shu: When I am doing things that are meaningful and adding value to the world, it brings me joy in my heart.

2. What is your dream?

Chen Shu: World Peace.

3. What is one message for yourself and women in the world?

Chen Shu: No matter what happens, do not allow yourself to be diminished. Be free.


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