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Jane Robinson:
The Guiding Star


Jane is my dearest mentor and role model. Jane has shaped my life in so many ways. To me, she is a true leader of both great kindness and great strength. Jane is the former Planning Director at the City of Sarasota, Florida. Never overpowering or rigid, her leadership is infused with the brilliant feminine wisdom, strength, and beauty.


We've known each other for over ten years, and she's always been there for me, guides me through the river of life, and goes out of her way to help me. I am deeply grateful to have her in my life as my guiding star.

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Q & As between Jane and Me


1. What brings you great joy?

Peacefulness through many things. I remember when I was a little girl, I would walk in the snow, listening to the crunchy sound of snow, watching trees waving in the wind.. that made me feel happy. And my friends. That's what life is all about - people we care about and validate us.

2. How do you nurture your inner strength?
By being with nature - the sound, smell, taste, touch.. everything sensory and sensual. Now I am a caretaker for my partner. What brings my strength back is stillness - time alone by myself, and also with friends.


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