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Jenny: Sisterhood
Jenny Hennek and her dance sisters from Chicago. Jenny is a very inspiring belly dance artist, yoga teacher, and life coach. She radiates light of love, literally, and she helps me be more fully in who I truly am. 
I'd never done a group figure painting before but when I saw the photo Jenny shared with me, I was so attracted to the joy of these dance sisters that I knew I had to take the risk and do it. 
Q & As between Jenny and Me


1. What are you passionate about and what brings you great joy? 
Jenny: A present moment soulful connection to myself, others, and all that I experience brings me joy. I find this each day as I connect with love in my life. As I wake up maybe I feel a deep flow in my meditation, maybe I don’t, both are joy because acceptance is a part of it. As I breathe I notice what is around me, a beautiful flower, my anger. All is present in joy because any difficulty is just the other side of the same coin. So joy is not an extreme state of feeling but an ever present vibration in my life that flows forth from gratitude, awareness and love. 

2. What's one message you have for yourself and women in the world?
Jenny: A message for myself and others is be gentle and kind with yourself. As you develop self care and connect with a loving acceptance your dreams flow forth. Develop a set of “tools” of how to live life and live in connect to them, for example affirmations, gratitude and breathing in the moment are big ones for me. When I feel struggle or doubt I open to a spirit of love ever present. Also, find your own sense of play in the world and notice how you can make time for it. A short 5 minutes can do so much.


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