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Raka Bandyo:
The Journey Within

I met Raka at an Indian classical dance training in Portland, OR. While I was thrilled to attend the training, I also felt intimidated by being in a new city with no friends. Raka was one of the first people who so warmly embraced me.
As I got to know Raka more, I was captivated by her generous heart and her commitment to seeking the greater truth. While balancing a part-time career in Healthcare IT, Raka is devoted to the ancient Vedic Arts. It is not an easy pursuit but she is courageously taking this journey within.
Thriving Women Raka lowres.jpg

Q & As between Raka and Me


1. What brings you great joy?
Feeling my connection to the cosmos, simple beauty in nature, its creatures and moments as well as helping people understand life journey.

2. What is one thing you treasure greatly about your family or your heritage?
My heritage has an incredible wealth of Teachers and teachings that help me to answer the question 'Who am I?' And the support and foundation my family created in my life is such an incredible gift I am so greatful for their teachings and how it has helped my imagination and mind blossom. My mother awakened my third eye w touch and mantras and My father chanting the Chandi prayers to the goddess from my young childhood thru adult life.

3. What is one message you have for yourself and women in the world?
You can achieve everything you dream, so dream full and well. We will face challenges and difficult situations from which we can create great beauty. One breath at a time we are a play in this world.


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