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Delphine Geraci:
Three Thousand Pairs of Wings


At the beginning at the pandemic, masks were in great scarcity. After learning about the shortage of masks, Delphine, a talented crafter and artist in Lutz, FL, was one of the first people to step up and help out. To date, she has made about three thousand masks, all sewn by her own hands.  These masks went to hospitals, frontline workers, as well as community members. For me, I see a pair of wings on each of these beautiful masks, bringing love and hope to us all.


Delphine was born in Switzerland and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s. I had the good luck meeting her at our local art center and instantly loved her warm heart and original art. Delphine took the time to answer two of my questions:

1. What brings you great joy in life?

I'm happiest when I am making something: sculpture, pastels, clothing, cooking or growing plants in my garden.

2. At this moment, what's one message you have for yourself and women in the world?

We are much stronger when we help each other. Nobody can do this alone.

Yes, we can get through this TOGETHER!


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