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Andrea: Joy Ride
Andrea Zang, a graduate student studying urban planning at Florida State University. I met Andrea at the Story Bridge /Building Creative Communities Conference - Colquitt, GA. At the conference, we shared our personal stories and created a theatrical play based on these true stories. I was very touched by Andrea's story and her courage and perseverance.  
Q & As between Andrea and Me


1. What are you passionate about and what brings you great joy? 
I am passionate about building communities that are centered around empathy and respect, and using my position as an urban planner to make sure no one is left out or hurt by how a city is growing. I get a lot of joy from commuting by bike, because it allows me to say hello to other cyclists and pedestrians as we pass each other by, and in general be more connected to my city.

2. What's one message you have for yourself and women in the world?
A message I want to send to myself is to take a few more risks, and a message that I want to send to other women in the world is that more then ever we need to listen, trust, and stand behind each other.


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