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Watching it Grow
Vanda Rice from Manchester, Kentucky. Vanda is one of the kindest people I’ve met, a community leader and advocate for social justice. I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with her on several empowerment theater projects, engaging youth and all ages in her beloved Appalachian community. 
Q & As between Vanda and Me


1.  What’s one thing you learned from your elders?
My father was a farmer. When I was little, I noticed he always bought the smallest plants from the market. When I asked him why, he said, because the plant was small, he could watch it grow. I have learned this from him. I love watching things grow, whether it’s a baby, a plant, or a community project.

2. What are you passionate about and what brings you great joy?
I am passionate about my faith in God, my family, my friends and last but not least,, the place I call home. The passion to be a “difference maker” by loving people, listening, sharing, working, dreaming is what the world should be made of and that my friend, brings me much joy.

3. What’s one message you have for yourself and for women in the world?
You are beautiful and wonderfully made more valuable than all diamonds. You are here for a purpose. Your passion will lead you to your purpose. Find your passion.


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