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When Water Flows

When water flows, a thousand mountains turn green. When love flows, a million beings come to life.

About two months ago, our family moved from the city to a little farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has just been eight weeks, but living on the farm, which we fondly calls the Starry Farm, has humbled me, empowered me, and inspired me. I feel like a different person.

Just take my hands as an example. My hands used to only be able to hold a brush. Now I snatch up a heavy chair single-handedly without thinking. I was afraid of barbed wire and couldn't touch it without wearing thick gloves. Now I twist it with bare hands. I was terrified by things not working out. Now I understand every problem has a solution, just like yin and yang, day and night.. Sometimes that solution comes when I go forward, sometimes when I step back.. I had always been empathetic, but now I feel I am more compassionate. After going through the hardship, and constantly witnessing the full cycles of life on the farm, I understand more..

Perhaps most importantly, I trust more, after being held by countless helping hands and embraced by numerous loving hearts. When we first came to the farm, the previous owner left us three large bottles of fresh milk she just milked from her own cow before her departure. This milk, so tasty and fully of nutrition, kept us going when we had huge amount of tough work to do around the farm. When we felt lonely in an entirely new community, our neighbors brought us homemade cheesecake, fresh cut flowers, and homegrown veggies to our door step. When we were in shock by the escape of our young cow, many neighbors showed up one after another, and eventually brought back our beloved cow, and filled our heart with generosity, kindness, and more trust.

Yes, more trust: When love flows, every being come to life.


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