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A Mini Art Retreat and a Little Dream

Recently, we had the first mini art retreat right on our little Starry Farm!  It went like a dream despite the weather being cold and breezy. Seeing the attendees immersed in the liveliness on the farm and creating with joy and light truly makes my heart full!

We got our hands dirty, paper messy, and eyes sparkly!

We started with a walk around the farm and had intimate interactions with our lovely farm family. Our guests met Lulu the bunny, Baby the gander, Snow White the sheep, and many more. Our inner children were so happy to come out and play, and our senses were activated to drink in the richness of life.

Then we had a little meditation and gentle movements, to relax the physical body and re-align with the inner center, and open to receive more Gifts that Life wants to bring us. Next, I guided the guests through several intuitive watercolor painting exercises. These exercises helped us journey into the most amazing Heart-Scape of our own, discover gems of healing and wisdom that are waiting for you there, while creating splendid watercolors and gaining invaluable insight on this art.

"What a perfect afternoon that was. You brought sunshine to a gray, chilly day! To invoke inspiration is wonderful talent and gift!" From one of the guests

Encouraged by the first event, I scheduled a second one for March and it's already fully booked with waiting list. Very grateful for the warm response, I will schedule a new one for April, please stay tuned.

This little art experience on the farm is actually a dream of mine for over ten years. I had wanted to host a space where people can come and just be themselves and create freely. As we started this farm endeavor, it was part of the goal. But at one time circumstances were so hard that I lost my imagination. I remember I was just looking at all the hot mess around me and thinking, there was no way I could teach art here.

But my dream didn't lose me.. After two and half years of persistence, albeit very small, we started offering art making experience right here, thanks to our very loving friends and community, and the Spirit.

Whether you are near or afar, maybe one day I will see you on our Starry Farm and create art together.

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