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The Starry Teachers on the Farm

A beautiful morning on the farm. The air is cool and clear. The sunshine is warm and soft. Standing among our growing farm family, I feel the healing and nourishment. Four months ago, our life was thrown into turmoil. Following the heart's calling, we jumped into the deep water of unknown. It was only until the last few days, we started to feel like coming on shore.

It is not things are perfect now. Far from it. But the farm has taught me that life is long range. Ducklings don't grow up in one day. Even if they did, we would have lost all the fun of having them as ducklings and watching them grow in amazement. I'm learning to grow joy wherever I am.

The chickens also teach me good lessons. If we want to raise them, it has to be for Love, not for eggs. If we were to raise them for eggs, many days will be disappointment, because they don't lay eggs everyday. But if we truly enjoy their company, every day is a gift.

The plants are my teachers too. When we moved in, the area surrounding the front porch was inundated by overgrown vegetations, and trash was littered everywhere. As we cleaned it up, we discovered one little blue Morning Glory hidden beneath everything. As the land being cleared, more of them popped out. Using scrap materials, we created the simplest structure for them to climb up. A few weeks later, many flowers are happily blooming and ducklings love to hangout there. It has transformed into a beautiful place that tickles my heart.

From trash to treasure, all it takes are our hands, imagination, and time. How empowering. The little Starry Farm is starred with many teachers and healers of life. So humbled and grateful.

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