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Message from a Little Red Bird

The other morning, I was on the go and thought I would not have time to paint. I noticed my mind was already jumping into the next event, but I also realized that I actually did have 30 minutes before I had to leave home. "Okay, let me see what I can do in 30 minutes." I said to myself and sat down at the painting table. This painting below was what appeared on my paper after 30 minutes.

The evening before when I took a walk in my community, I saw a group of these gorgeous red cardinals getting together in front of the woods, as if they were having a party. I was amazed. So I decided to paint one that morning. After completion, I shared the painting on social media and left home.

The next day, I was so surprised to find out that this little painting had reached over 6,000 people on social media. People from all over the world were commenting how they loved the cardinal, and how they could almost hear this little bird sing.. Well, my heart was singing with joy and gratitude, and my mind enlightened - that 30 minutes of effort of love has created so many more lovely moments that ripple around the world.. 

Truly, our time is limited. But when we live it with whole heart, time is limitless. What a beautiful message this little red bird has brought me.

Here is a video I created a few days ago to share with you how I painted this gorgeous red cardinal. I started without pencil sketch but with a focal point - the eye. To me this way of painting embodies the spiral flow of life. I hope you enjoy it and happy painting, as always.

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